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Due to the relationships established by Mobile Streams in years previous and the data they hold opportunities have arisen to rekindle these relationships due to just how valuable the data is and how many uses it can have, below are just a few of the current areas being nurtured by MOS with more to follow!


 What is i-gaming? I-gaming is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet, online betting on the outcome of sports and events, online casino, poker, cards etc.

 Brief overview of i-gaming market place -


-       Global online betting market expected to reach $92 billion by 2023 a 40% increase(3)

-       By contrast Music Industry is worth around $60 billion(6)

-       Over 40% of $92 billion revenue is expected to be Sports betting(3)

-       Mexico’s online betting market is currently worth $450 million per annum increasing at 25% per annum(4)

-       Dutch online betting industry to exceed €1.27 billion by 2025(10)

-       Experts state that, should iGaming in Brazil become entirely legal, the country could see gross profits of $101bn by 2024(5)

 Mobile Streams have two entries into the i-gaming space announced so far this year.


 1 – Live Scores, Mexico

 Launched and already generating revenues according to last Podcast promoted via our existing contract with mobile giants Telcel, below from RNS :-

 Revenue is generated for MOS through a mixture of revenue share with Quanta and subscription payments via the current MOS billing contract with Mexican phone network Telcel(7)

 A quick google search and we see our Mobile Gaming is live on the shop portal from Telcel

 Who are Telcel?

In the fourth quarter of 2020, Telcel, owned by América Móvil, held a 64 percent share of wireless subscribers in Mexico. In 2019, there were approximately 121.4 million mobile subscriptions in the North American country.”(8)

 That’s an incredible audience to have available for our initial launch, over half the population of Mexico, not many companies with such a small market cap can promote as easily with existing contracts. 

 The app is also ready for download from Mexican Google Play and soon, perhaps already, Mexico Apple app as well as via (owned by Mobile Streams).

 Revenue estimate in RNS was $140,000 within the first year and grow significantly thereafter, this considering the popularity of i-gaming within Mexico and our marketing via the largest mobile company I expect these to be highly conservative.

 We are likely to see an expansion of offerings into Mexico in my personal opinion, however Football is clearly big business as stated here:-

 Mexico, where nearly all kinds of gambling are explicitly regulated, is widely considered to be fertile ground for new and expanding online casino and sportsbook operators. Like the rest of Latin America, games of chance are popular throughout the country, with bettors showing an added level of enthusiasm when it comes to betting on football.(9)

 2 – Launch first of 6 Direct to Customer Mobile Content sites – Netherlands

 Netherlands i-gaming regulated industry goes live 1st October 2021, Mobile Streams together with partner Quanta Media Group are launching 6 websites aimed directly at end consumers helping them navigate where and how to play online casino, betting games.

 One of a few first to market in the newly regulated market, online revenues are forecast to exceed €1 billion. If we assume Quanta can obtain 1% of that market it would generate gross revenues in excess of €10 million per annum!

 3 – India & Africa

 Again contracts with mobile carriers from legacy business, notably India as confirmed in trading update:-

 “The Company is currently working with some of the largest carriers in the India market: Vodafone-Idea, Jio and BSNL.”(12)

 India’s i-gaming business is growing exponentially as you’d expect, again it would appear a logical stride with contracts already in place with mobile carriers.

FEB 2022 

The Company will be launching new services in India in partnership with Vodafone India (Vi) during the first quarter of 2022.

 The Company intends to launch gaming, esports and Metaverse services via its own App to Vodafone India's over 273 million customers. The service will be delivered via an App on the Google App Store in India and will enable customers to pay directly from their Vodafone bill via their Google wallet. Initial games will be available by the end of first quarter subject to approval from the Google play store.    

 The Company is also in advanced discussions with the Jio mobile network in India regarding new service launches and will update the market on those in due cause. This announcement means the Company has now reinvigorated and re-launched in all the main territories of the legacy business inherited from previous management, and we look forward to announcing further continued expansion in due course.