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There are three main income generators of the business namely the Streams platform that provides data, marketing, business and content insight the  i-gaming legacy business and latterly Esports, NFT'S and Mobile Gaming.

Legacy business was mobile content including ring tones, backgrounds etc a market place worth around $4 billion per annum(15), this is now being revived by our new management team into the highly lucrative i-gaming business worth an estimated $92 billion by 2023.

The Company currently has liquidity of circa £3 million and is in full control of cash burn meaning they are funded well into 2022 and beyond.

Currently employees of MOS are paid in shares into which they are locked for a minimum of 12 months.

Current shares in issue 3,463,438,699

Members of the BOD currently hold the following shares.

Mark Epstein 103,037,017 (3.14%)

Nigel Burton 161,413,736 ( 4.92%)

Tom Gutteridge 103,037,017 (3.14%)

Annabel Jamieson 104,564,181 (3.19%)

Charles Goodfellow 40,301,360 (1.23%)

Major Shareholders ( as per TR1 forms received )

Mark Barry 185,578,999 (5.35%)

Monecor (London) Limited 87,166,667 (3.7%)