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MOS Signs Exclusive NFT Deal With Fanzine Ltd 13/04/2022

MOS signs exclusive deal with Fanzine Ltd that have over 3million engaged football fans globally with 41 club specific domains including and 

MOS will be the EXCLUSIVE producer of NFT’s across ALL these 41 sites.

The deal will use the recently launched Mobile Streams NFT creation platform to enable MOS to design, produce and create the stores to sell a variety of NFT content for sale across all Fanzine sites and Apps as well as across Mobile Streams territories in India, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and on the Mobile Streams NFT marketplace. Revenues will be generated via a revenue share from each NFT sold or traded. In addition, it is expected that royalties, which can be set into the NFT when it is created, will also be granted from the NFTs traded in the secondary market.

The MOS platform is open to anybody to go on there and create their own NFT’s and also their own branded marketplace to sell them - MOS will receive a revenue share and potential royalties from EVERY one that is sold.

MOS Joint Venture with Gfin To Be Announced Soon

Mobile Streams will create a new joint venture partnership (the "JV") with AIM traded Gfinity Plc ("Gfinity") for, the site through which the Company is focusing its gaming and Esports offerings. The JV will aim to better monetise using the combined resources of the Company and Gfinity.

The Company is working to agree the terms of the joint venture and expects to announce the conclusion of the agreement shortly. In anticipation of agreeing this, MOS has agreed to subscribe for £250,000 in Gfinity's placing as announced on 14 March 2022.

Gfinity is a leading digital media and tech company in the fast growing gaming & esports sector, Gfinity’s Digital Media Group was formed in 2020, and consists of a number of wholly-owned, gamer-centric websites including,, & stockinformer


IGS Contract Win 13/01/2022

A contract has been announced totalling US$720,000 which will start from February 2022, this is the minimum amount for revenue that will be generated over a 6 month period, the contract will be back-end loaded therefore the majority of the revenue will come in the last few months of the contract, it has been intimated that the contract is highly likely to be renewed after this 6 month period and could be at a much higher level as the income generators will have matured and be much more widespread.


So far this year MOS has announced 3 contracts with Quanta Media Group ( )  Tappit ( ) and also ISBA ( )

The contract with Tappit is worth up to £480,000 over 4 years with a minimum £10,000 per month for at least 6 months, again this is highly likely to be revised upwards due to the growth in the second half of 2021 which Tappit is forecasting and the amount of clients it is looking to take on.

With regard to the SSAS platform the entry level version aimed at small businesses is £10 per month whereas the Advanced Version is aimed at teams and is priced at £150 per month, there is also an Enterprise version where this can be tailored specifically to the companies needs, take up on the platform has been encouraging with figures yet to be published.

Currently the company is generating income of circa £35,000 per month from the platform ( August 2021 )

Below is an overview of how MOS integrates with Quanta linked to the recently announced contract.

“The Streams platform helps Quanta by making their content delivery more efficient and effective. Using the MOS platform means they are delivering content that always has the highest chance of achieving and user engagement and therefore more daily signups, and therefore more revenue. MOS can do this with both their own data sets and also with data that Quanta provide. In Mexico MOS are currently partnering with Quanta to deliver the Live Scores service through the MOS contract with Telcel. This service can be delivered to any Telcel customer who is then billed instantly when they sign up to the service, giving MOS the ability to market and sell to a base of millions of people extremely quickly and efficiently. Each signup is billed weekly directly from their phone bill, so there is an extremely easy end user path for delivering instant signup and then billing.” 


Mobile Streams plc, the AIM quoted mobile content and data intelligence company, is delighted to announce that its LiveScore service in Mexico, which was launched at the end of July 2021, As of Mid October 2021 the subscriber number has exceeded 10,000 and is growing rapidly. Based on this number of subscribers, we estimate that this service in Mexico alone should generate at least $1.5 million over 3 years in additional revenue for the Company however this was based on 3,000 subscribers by October and as such this revenue is currently being re-forecast.

Users of the service are charged one dollar each week via their phone bill and then revenue is passed directly to MOS on 30 day terms from our Mexican telco partner Telcel. With a combination of a very easy sign on and billing process aligned with ever greater content delivered via our Streams platform and partnership with Quanta we estimate the number of subscribers and revenue growing significantly over the coming months.


On 13/09/2021 Mos launched its Live Scores service in Argentina utilising the expertise of Quanta Media who in turn are using the Streams Platform and its unique AI technology, Income is generated for MOS through a mixture of affiliate revenue share with Quanta and subscription payments via the current MOS billing contract with Movistar. 

in its first two weeks of downloads Argentina had generated $14k in revenue, this is set to increase rapidly over the coming months and will be reported on along with Mexico and Brazil as total monetisable downloads.


In early November 2021 MOS launched the live scores service in Brazil Income is anticipated to be generated for MOS through affiliate revenue share with Quanta. Affiliate revenue occurs when a lead generated from the LiveScores service is sold to another organisation who will then market their service or product to the lead. All affiliate revenue share generated will then be paid into the MOS UK account and therefore will not incur any currency related risks. As with the Company's successful launches in Mexico and Argentina, this service will utilise Quanta content and the Streams delivery platform.

The revenue from Brazil will be reported along with Argentina and Mexico.

As of 01/12/2021 the current monthly revenue across all channels is in excess of $80,000.


The Company be launching new services in India in partnership with Vodafone India (Vi) during the first quarter of 2022.

The Company intends to launch gaming, esports and Metaverse services via its own App to Vodafone India's over 273 million customers. The service will be delivered via an App on the Google App Store in India and will enable customers to pay directly from their Vodafone bill via their Google wallet. Initial games will be available by the end of first quarter subject to approval from the Google play store.    

The Company is also in advanced discussions with the Jio mobile network in India regarding new service launches and will update the market on those in due cause. This announcement means the Company has now reinvigorated and re-launched in all the main territories of the legacy business inherited from previous management, and we look forward to announcing further continued expansion in due course.