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Content Insight Platform
The Streams entry level platform helps marketing teams discover and distribute top performing content for a specific industry or topic.
Marketers use the platform to find high-quality content to share with their audience. This can turn into a full time job for a member of their marketing team when done manually. With Streams, content curation becomes simple and sourcing content is fast, freeing up a marketing team to take on other tasks and run other campaigns
Streams powerful content search tool also has the ability to track and receive alerts around any search terms making it easy to keep their audience updated with fresh and relevant content customers want to engage with.
It has various competitive packages from £10 upward:
Enterprise Platform
The Streams enterprise platform helps marketing teams pull their business marketing data into a single platform and directly overlay with the Streams data. This provides key bespoke insights & predictions that increase their engagement, reach and revenue.
This is a bespoke service for larger organisations that are looking to use engagement data to integrate with their marketing efforts.
Streams activates a display of a businesses key marketing metrics and KPIs in a visual way. This is performed by integrating with the businesses existing technologies. When combined with the Streams engagement data a rich picture of consumer interests, behaviours, content scoring, social sharing, and sentiment helps marketers map out and predict their strategies.
Krunch Platform
As per the RNS dated 18/03/2022 Mobile Streams has now purchased the Krunch Platform in its entirety and therefore owns the the IP fully, this makes the company far more attractive in the future from the perspective of another company looking to purchase MOS.